CHANDIGARH : March 23rd : ALPHA NEWS INDIA DESK ;—-A guest lecture on the topic “Generation of Innovative Idea” was organized by Entrepreneurship & Business Development Cell of GGDSD College, KheriGurna on 23rd March, 2019. The speaker of the session was Mr. J.K. Sharma, Chief Executive Officer (Technology Business Incubation) from IIT Ropar. Mr. Sharma started the session by showing a very interesting video which was based on generation of unique ideas.

In his lecture, Mr. Sharma deliberated extensively on the requisites for idea generation and explained in detail the process of development of business idea. He introduced the different aspects of entrepreneurship and emphasized that zeal and great idea are the only ingredients in a recipe for business startup. He mentioned that in countries like India, people have ideas with them but they feel hesitated to share or implement them. He discussed in length the various schemes and incentives given by government for Start Ups and also informed the students about sharing their ideas on government website named Invest India through which they can get adequate financial assistance if the project gets approval. He also added with the various examples of successful entrepreneurs who have touched new heights with their innovations.

The lecture motivated the students to work hard and start a new venture through adequate forward planning and the execution of the plans. The session also included motivational videos which boosted up the students.

Dr. Sunil K. Baria, General A.K. Shori, Prof. N.P. Manocha and Dr. MeenakshiNegi graced the programme with their presence. Dr. Baria also discussed with an example about how our hobbies/interests can be converted into an idea and implemented to start a new venture. Faculty members and the students were the active participants during the lecture. Consequently, the session was concluded by a formal vote of thanks by General A.K. Shori and also he highlighted the purpose behind the formation of this cell. Dr. Baria expressed his gratitude towards the guest.

The programme was coordinated by Dr. MeenakshiNegi and Dr. Nidhi Arora.

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