UGC Pay Scales -Important Meeting in Delhi Today ; J.SINGH


chandigarh ; 20TH SEP. : alpha news india :After the implementation of the seventh pay scales for central government employees and armed forces,the issue of revised UGC Pay scales for university and college teachers has gained momentum.Prof..V S Chauhan committee appointed by MHRD , Government in June 2016 , will have a meeting with representatives of All India Federation of  University and College Teachers’ Organisations (AIFUCTO,) which represents all the teachers’ organisations of state universities and colleges , in Delhi today.Before leaving for Delhi ,Dr Jagwant Singh , Vice President AIFUCTO,who is also the convenor of Aifucto committee on pay scales,said that Federation will make detailed submission on terms of reference of pay review.They will press for early pay revision maintaining the existing equation with central services,faster and personal promotion for all teachers,100%funding by Govt of India , regular appointments of teachers in place of contractual appointments , funding the pay revision of unaided staff and colleges,scrapping of API,removal of anomalies of the previous pay scales etc.
He said that extent of contractual appointments which has crossed 60%of the total faculty against the norm of 10% and working conditions and salary of these teachers has emerged as a serious concern in the context of attracting and retaining talent in teaching ,has emerged as a serious problem . The reality of the system will be brought to the notice of the committee.
AIFUCTO has also given call for mass casual leave  on 5th Oct. on the occasion of International Teachers’ Day to press for their demands.

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