CHANDIGARH : 1 December : ALPHA NEWS INDIA :— On the eve of World AIDS Day, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development-Regional Centre, Chandigarh has organized multifaceted programs. The objective of World AIDS Day celebration is to raise awareness, prevent new infections, improve the lives of people living with HIV, and work toward an AIDS-free generation by 2030. A seminar on Hands Up for HIV Prevention was organized which was facilitated by Mr. Manish Kumar, Director, SPYM.  It witnessed the participation of around 60 young people from various walks of life. The participants painted their face with the slogans of HIV prevention to raise awareness among the masses. The session started with the inaugural address by Mr. Stanzin Dawa, Regional Director, RGNIYD-RC in which he enlightened the audience about the signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS. He said, “An infected person would look normal in appearance but certain symptoms can be noticed.” He urged them to stop discriminating among the HIV infected persons and provide them the much needed emotional support. A documentary Being Positive was screened to showcase the challenges that HIV positive patients suffers in our country and how drastically one mistake can make a drastic change in their own life as well in the life of their family. Mr. Manish in his expert session talked about the origin of HIV and how it is acquired through various means and modes. He said,” HIV can be transmitted in many ways such as sexual transmission without a condom, use of contaminated syringe or drug equipment, blood transfusion from an infected person and from mother to child during giving birth or breast feeding.” The session was followed by an interactive discussion between the participants and facilitator.

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