66thAnnual Convocation of Panjab University to be held on 25thMarch 2016.


Chandigarh: March ; alpha news INDIA;—- Nuruddin Farah prominent novelist and five times nominee for Nobel Prize in Literature presented the 40th Panjab University Colloquium to a packed hall today. Prof. Farah was speaking on the topic ‘What if all stories were one Story’. Elaborating on this intriguing theme, Prof. Farah’s lecture articulated upon the power of observation and detail. He said “As somebody born into the oral tradition, I treasure the stories in the spoken form… I remember the words taking on as deep a meaning as an ocean is wide. Dr. Farah’s talk connected all human beings in one thread as part of one story located in time and space and language unique to writers. From individual experiences to national and international interpretations the observations of the story tellers flow because local is also global. Prof. Farah said “… every national literature whatever its designation, is but a pebble thrown into a pond and which creates a ripple: because of its generic as well as specific contribution to the one story … If there is anything, it is one-world literature being written by writers, some of whom are good, some bad.”

Prof. Farah shared with the audience his own experiences of writing, his journey from being unknown to recognized and also understood the world over. Prof. Farah connected all the writers to one story by saying that every novelist either writes in response to other novels or transgresses over the territory of other authors. This means that every writer helps to get a more complete comprehension of the human condition. Prof. Farah concluded his talk by saying that it is the most rewarding experience to find a book that one can love as oneself, as an extension of one’s own story.
The lecture was presided over by Vice Chancellor Prof. Arun K. Grover and attended by faculty and students of the University. Prof. Farah was also felicitated by the Dean of Alumni Relations and was offered an honorary membership of the Alumni Association as Prof. Farah has been a student of Panjab University in 1967.
Prof. Farah is visiting Panjab University’s Department of English and Cultural Studies for a series of lectures and workshops. He is also scheduled to be conferred D. Litt (Honoris Causa) Degree during the 66thAnnual Convocation of Panjab University to be held on 25thMarch 2016.

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